Informal Biography

An ex-compiler writer, realtime kernel hack, and a software engineering manager, I have over 50 years in the computer industry. I have been a user and occasional implementer of networking from the ARPANET to the current day Internet.

I work as a Research Fellow at Internet Initiative Japan Research Lab, where I do routing research, Internet measurement, and security.

  • Through Dragon Research Labs, I worked on routing security protocol design and implementation.
  • Also through Dragon Research Labs, I was chief cat herder for the CrypTech Project, an open source HSM design effort.
  • I have been involved for almost 30 years with the deployment and integration of appropriate networking technology in the developing world. I was founder and an original PI for the Network Startup Resource Center, originally an NSF sponsored pro bono effort. I gave a speech on my motivations at Rhodes University in April 2002.
  • I spent a bit over a year at AT&T doing global Internet architecture and research, but I was just not telphant material. I gained considerable network operational experience as as the founding engineer at Verio, a backbone provider, from which I graduated in 2001 as VP of IP Networking after five years. Before that, I was the principal engineer of RAINet, Oregon's and Washington's premier ISP, which was Verio's first acquisition.

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