Sony Vaio FreeBSD Hints

Sony supports sucks caterpilar snot. DO NOT BUY SONY, YOU WILL REGRET IT.

A friendly web site hosts the FreeBSD Laptop Pages. also has a useful page on the Vaio and FreeBSD.

FreeBSD 4.2 on the Vaio 505TX

I used to run a Sony Vaio 505TX with FreeBSD 4.2-STABLE. Below are the hints I have so far.

Here is the kernel configuration file, and the resulting dmesg. The system was built with this /etc/make.conf. As I use exim and bind9, these are not built with the system build.

Some of the stuff in my /etc/rc.conf may be interesting, especially things like the pccardc interrupt. And for the Orinoco card, I have a hack in /etc/pccard.conf and this invokes /etc/pccard_wi.

XFree86-4.0.[12] would crash when I used touch-pad tapping for <button-1>. So I still use XFree 3.3.6 with the this /etc/XF86Config. Being a fossil, I still use tvtwm as my window manager, using this ~/.xinitrc.

For the in-house wireless, I use an Apple Airport ($300) and configure it with FreeBase on a windoze box. There are also FreeBSD based tools, such as AirPort Base Station / RG-1000 Configurator

FreeBSD 3.5 on the Vaio 505TX

I have run a Sony Vaio 505TX with FreeBSD 3.5-RELEASE. Below are the hints I learned.

I ran with a Win98 partition, which I squoze down using Partition Magic. I left the <fn-f12> hibernate-to-disk partition, and it worked quite well with FreeBSD once you have built an apm kernel. What we need is two suspend partitions so one can resume Win98 or FreeBSD on a whim.

I was able to do a normal net ftp install using my 3Com 3C589C PCMCIA ether card as zp0.

Here is the kernel configuration file, and the resulting dmesg.

The /etc/XF86Config. Thanks to Chuck Yerkes <> for the help.

The $HOME/.xinitrc. I used tvtwm, which is not common.

The $HOME/.Xmodmap. Thanks to David Dawes <> for the help. And to Bill Fenner <> for pointing out /usr/ports/x11/xkeycaps.

I have yet to figure out

Any and all hints would be appreciated. Email them to me, Randy Bush <>.

3.5+PAO on the Vaio

I have the 3.4-RELEASE+PAO support (PCMCIA/PCCARD) working, see the home of PAO development.

Here are the kernel configuration and the dmesg. I had to force the interrupt for the 3C589C in /etc/pccard.conf, i.e.

# 3Com Etherlink III 3C589, 3C589B, 3C589C, 3C589D
	card "3Com Corporation" "3C589"
        config  default "ep0" 10
        insert  logger -p 3Com Etherlink III inserted
        insert  /etc/pccard_ether $device
        remove  logger -p 3Com Etherlink III removed
        remove  /etc/pccard_ether_remove $device

The WaveLAN ISA card under FreeBSD 4.x

FYI, here is how I got a 900MHz ISA WaveLAN going under FreeBSD 4.0-CURRENT on an Asus-based tower.

and you should be going!