55-806 Keahipoe Place Hawi

Shipping to
1335 Whitehurst Court
San Jose, CA 95125

There is the house and there is the storage shed at the makai end of the property.

Everything in the storage shed, except the tree, ships.

Things in the house are marked with colored dots and yellowish green post-it stickers.

Yellowish green post-its and green dots indicate things to be shipped to San Jose, CA.

Orange and red dots indicate things which are being left and/or transferred to new owners. I am worried that dots and post-its will fall off, but have no magic answers.

Here are examples and some of the worst messes.

Aside from closet, drawer, and shelf contents, there are three or four piles of stuff to be shipped. This one is by the sofa right as you walk in the front door.

There are delicate things which will need to be packed carefully.

All pictures, paintings, etc. both on wall and on the ground go to San Jose. Though there are two marked in red in the ohana bathroom which do not ship.

This means ship the contents of the closet.

This is Zita's closet. There is one box marked Fragile; and it is. Please set it aside as Amanda will ship it separately.

This is Randy's closet.

Zita warns that the two cardboard cartons are rotted but very fragile. Please set them aside, Amanda will pack and ship separately.

Here, the green lamp ships, the furniture and clock stay, and the contents of the drawers ship.

On one end of the kitchen island is a collection of stuff to be shipped. In the polka-dotted wrappers are heirloom dishes which may or may not be adequately cushioned from each other.

Below, in the cabinet, is a collection of glassware which will need to be very carefully packed.

On the other side of the kitchen is another collection to be shipped. Some, eg the lacquer tray, are delicate.

There are small statues and a puppet in glass case atop the kitchen cabinets.

In the front office, the shelves and screens stay. The books, pictures, clocks, trophies, and propeller (yes a propeller!) all ship.

The ohana closet. Ship all contents, though skip the railing in this case.

These tubs ship. There are a bunch of empty tubs in the garage if you want to use them.

Nothing in the garage ships. Nothing on the lanais ships.


I can be reached at 206 356 8341, but am likely to be in a time zone where it is five hours earlier, so may not answer calls before Hawai`i noon. But Sally is local and has our authority.

Mahalo, Zita and Randy